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30 agosto 2009 7 30 /08 /agosto /2009 10:27

Gennaro Gelmini for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Name and Surname: Gennaro Gelmini

Address: Viale Valganna 216
21100 Varese

Telephone: +39 0332 232143 (only Italian language speaking)

e-mail: gennaro.gelmini@email.it

Astronomical allarm. Essential exposure by Gennaro Gelmini:

1)      to proclaim the truth: the planet Sedna (the mythical Nibiru), is responsable of climatic change and seismic-volcanic activity increasing;

2)      to proclaim the existence of biological extraterrestrial entity (EBE). We have to preparare for an universal populations meeting;

3)      to proclaim the real and main utilization of granary for biological fuel to utilize for cereal reserve so that estimates themselves more similar constructions in the World;

4)      Procession Saint Relics for pry protection all over the World, for example the Procession Relics Saint Lion Warrior Martyr, Saint Zaverio Martyr and Saint Gemolo Martyr from Samarate (45°37’N 08°47’E), Varese and Ganna to Mont Saint Martin, locality sites of Varese province, Italy;

5)     To incentive the obesity people for next famine resistance;

6)     To equip of water depurator filters all over the population;

7)     To look after wild birds (pigeons, sparrows, ravens, etcetera) for food and biological reserve;

8)      To renounce economical stile living and favorite health style living;

9)      Very important, precaution! Serial risk of exit obstruction to refuges: to make sure of draft possibility from exit, news fire exits construction;

10)  To evacuate zones for seismic-vulcanic activity affects;

11)  Message by Gennaro Gelmini: seismic – volcanic activity increment at 2009.


Gennaro Gelmini.

Wroten and posted in Varese, Italy, to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), in date January 28, 2009.

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